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Burdock & Dandelion Tincture Blend

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Burdock & Dandelion Tincture Blend

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Suggested use:
Use one full squeeze of the dropper bulb two to four times daily, added to 2-4 oz. of water, or as recommended by a physician.

Supplement  Facts 

Serving Size: 0.7mL                             Servings: About 42
Amount Per Serving                                                %DV

Proprietary Extract Blend:                          †
Burdock root (A. lappa), Dandelion root (T. officinale), Ginger root (Z. officinale), Clove bud (S. aromaticum), Fennel seed (F. vulgare), Horsetail herb (E. arvense), Juniper berry (J. communis), Licorice root (G. glabra), Orange peel (C. sinensis), Parsley root (P. crispum), Pau ‘D Arco herb (H. impetiginosus), Uva Ursi herb (A. uva-ursi), Star Anise seed (I. verum), Chicory root (C. intybus), Sarsparilla root (S. ornate), Cardamom seed (E. cardamomum), Black peppercorn (P. nigrum)


† Daily Value (DV) not established
Other Ingredients: Organic cane or grain alcohol (45%-55%), distilled water

Seek expert medical advice before taking during pregnancy, nursing, while using other medications, or if you have pre-existing health conditions. 

Keep out of the reach of children.

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