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Rose Otto, (Conventionally Farmed) Rosa x damascena Mill. Essential Oil

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This 100% pure high-quality essential oil has an equally beautiful and extremely fine aroma with a very sweet, fresh, ethereal top note, warm, deeply Rose floral body

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Plant part used: flower.

Extraction method: hydrodistilled

Cultivation method: conventional farm.

Appearance: liquid at temperatures above 72 degrees F. This essential oil will form crystals of one of its components at temperatures below 72 degrees Fahrenheit; the oil will solidify into a thin paste-like mass at even cooler temperatures. This does not change the quality of the essential oil but verifies that it is a true Rose Otto. By gently rolling the bottle between your hands, the oil will soon warm and return to a completely liquid state.


Use in: homemade salves, bar soap, massage oils, burners, diffusers or dilute with a carrier oil and wear as a perfume; use by the drop on the wrist of your hands. Add a drop or two to bathwater.

Caution: keep out of reach of children and pets. External use only. Keep away from eyes. Test first for skin sensitivity, do not use undiluted. Medical issues and pregnancy seek professional advice before use.


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